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Trip Planning For YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  1. First thing first you have to interview the person to know what they like.Basically imageby doing this you get an idea of their DO’S & DONT’S.
  2. Based on the information they gave you,its up too you to figure out good vacay[vacation] spots.
  3. Also figure out all of the lows on their vacation spot.If you find any important details notify them immediatley.
  4. Prefer all 4 star hotels,restaurants,and main attraction.

Destiniation routes!!!!!

imageToday we went on google maps and we entered how far we are from our hotel and our activity.My first picture is how long itll take from the airport to my hotel by car.

My 2nd picture was from Hotel Plaza and to Cafe Parisimage.My last picture is at the Kringlan mall  in Iceland.image

B-B-B-udget day!!

image  Today in tech class we added up the caculations for our budget by hitting the Microsft excel -formula button.First we had to copy all of the numbers and then hit the sum to caculate our sum.My total sum of my budget was $129.803.If I had to save for 2 months the sum would be $624.50.It was surprising to me because I expected it to be lower because of the cost of my budget.In the end I had a wonderful time learning how to caculate sums of budgets when using microsoft excel.

Time Zones

imageToday in techclass I learned how to research what time it is in my destination city[reykjavik,iceland].Here are some facts:

  1. Time difference-In Reykjavik,Iceland it is 4  hours ahead of Newark,New Jersey.

I also learned how to research weather in my destination cityimage.In Iceland its 50 degrees.Since itll be rainy and chilly I would probaly wear a jacket,jeans,rain boots,and an umbrella.image


imageimageimageGoonan Dag.Hi,welcome.This is my road to Iceland.Iceland is located west of Europe.Most people think that Iceland is always cold but its actually only really cold during the winters.In the winter you could go snowmobiling and sleding.In the summer and spring you could do various things.You could go bird watching,bear watching,jet skinig,go on bike tours, and so much more.You go to the fish buffet and enjoy a plentiful amout of seafood from Iceland and different parts of the world.At your stay you could visit Icelands most famous hotel.The riisaan hotel that comes with massage and discounts on local restaurants.

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